Top Three Reasons To Pick

I have been shopping at for about two and a half years now and i absolutely love it.  It has awesome products and reasonable prices compared to other websites such as and i have shopped at both of those websites and they didn’t satisfy me with my purchase. the order never came and charged me for my money or it took over a month to ship to my house. i have to love because of their fair pricing and shipping methods. often they have promotions for free shipping as long as it is over 100 dollars. they also have other promotions like every month for the major buyers and holidays. I just don’t buy airsoft guns there but clothing and other accessories that allow me not to shoot my eye out every time there is a gun in my hand.

1.) As i said has  an awesome pricing and shipping rate. Since the store is located in California there is a sales tax but i have gotten used to that. the store is very convenient for me because is located in Los Angeles  and the shipping takes five days if order on a monday morning. the item will come somewhere around friday afternoon, although the shipment is pretty fast no matter where you live. comparing the prices form to evike has about a 15 dollars less average than, this could be a big difference if u were to buy a lot of items and you have a shorter budget than usual with the economy today.

2.) has a better variety of airfoft products. they have many different companies to choose from even some from over seas. having many companies allows you to pikc the best product, but even though the gun or accesory is expensive it doesnt mean it is the best. Compared to, has a lot more high quality products and in general more products than them. If you are looking for a specific item you will have more luck at than

3.) Reliability is one of the things I look at websites for. has never lert me down when I need something fast or just need to know if the item is going out of stock soon. is not a reliable source because I onced ordered something from them thinking it would come in a couple days like usual, but instead it never even came. I had to call them and tell them to cancel my order because i didnt want to even waste my money on them. also i have a neighbor who bought from them and he oerdered top come in three days and it came four weeks later. he had to argue to get his money back because he thought it was rediculous for a five pound object to be shipt in four weeks instead of three days. I never even look at anymore.

If you go with you wont be disapointed with anything because they want to make all there costumers happy like all. so next time you are thinking about purchasing a item think


~ by tdubbers on December 10, 2009.

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