The M4A1 Carbine

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The M4/M4A1 5.56mm Carbine is a lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, selective rate, shoulder fired weapon with a collapsible stock. Equipped with a shorter barrel, collapsible stock and accessory rails it provides soldiers operating in close quarters with improved handling and the capability to rapidly and accurately engage targets at extended range, day or night. A shortened variant of the M16A2 rifle, the M4 provides the individual soldier operating in close quarters the capability to engage targets at extended range with accurate, lethal fire. The M4 Carbine achieves over 80% commonality with the M16A2 Rifle and will replace all M3 .45 caliber submachine guns and selected M9 pistols and M16 rifle series


After the military conflicts in Panama, the Persian Gulf and Somalia, the need for a shorter version of the M16A2 again appeared. Colt engineers shortened the barrel back to 14.5″, contoured the barrel to mount the M203 grenade launcher, and added a collapsible, sliding buttstock. They also created a new upper receiver using a modular sight mounting system for use on a sub-variant. In August 1994, both variations were adopted. The United States Carbine, Caliber 5.56mm NATO, M4 uses the new barrel and collapsible buttstock, but was first issued with the standard M16A2 upper receiver and sights to streamline production, though it now is made with the new modular upper receiver.

The M4 Carbine is similar in design and functioning to the M16 family of rifles, thereby greatly simplifying training, supply, and maintenance. Compared to the M16A2 rifle, the M4 Carbine is 1.3 pounds lighter, 6 5/8 inches shorter with buttstock extended, and almost 10 inches shorter with the buttstock collapsed. The basis of issue plan replaces on a one-for-one basis all caliber .45 submachine guns, selected caliber .45 and 9mm pistols, and selected Ml6A2 rifles. Infantry personnel receiving the M4 include platoon leaders, platoon sergeants, radio-telephone operators, and mortar gunners. The pistols carried by Infantry commanders, executive officers, and operations officers will not be replaced.

One of the ARNG central readiness requirements is individual weapons modernization. The ARNG still has 34,951 obsolete M16A1’s in its inventory. Obtaining ammunition for these rifles has become increasingly difficult, particularly for deployed units. The M16A2 and M16A4 are also being fielded to replace the first generation rifle and use the same heavier ammunition as the M4 Carbine.

The M4 is issued to units and personnel with a requirement for an effective but compact, highly portable/slingable “hands free” weapon. It is ideally suited for use in close quarters and/or by soldiers who operate from vehicles with limited stowage space. The M4 can mount the optics and lighting components of the Modular Weapons System (MWS) giving it significant additional capabilities. It has become the weapon of choice for the Global War on Terror and homeland security. Any M4 Carbines purchased for priority units already modernized with M16A2/A4’s will cascade those weapons to replace the much older A1’s in other ARNG units.

Though the XM-8 Modular Assault Weapon System, if procured, is expected to cost about the same as the M-4, fielding to the Active Army is unlikely to begin before FY-08.

The FY2006 current ARNG requirement for M4 Carbines is 60,943 rifles at a cost of $1k each. On hand are 15,975 with ARNG fielding suspended IOT push the entire weapons production to units in or deploying to Iraq. 22,648 Carbine’s are programmed (Modularity) for the ARNG, leaving a shortfall of 22,320 weapons. Excess production capacity is available after FY- 05 and approximately 1000 weapons per month could be delivered on a new contract.

Funding this program will allow the Army National Guard to deploy and operate with maximum effectiveness on all fronts of the Global war on Terror. It contributes to the soldiers ability to defend him/herself and, with the MWS components, significantly increases the soldiers ability to rapidly engage targets in all environments. It is essential that the M16A1’s be replaced as soon as possible. The M16A2 and A4 fieldings are funded, but alone will not displace all the A1’s. Failure to fund the M4 fielding will increase risk to the soldiers, increase costs of pre-deployment cross-leveling and will degrade the ARNG’s ability to train for and execute its federal and state missions.


missile defense system

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december 11, 2009

Missile Defense Test Conducted

A planned test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system scheduled to be conducted from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Barking Sands, Kauai, Hawaii, was not able to be completed today due to an anomaly with the target missile.

The target missile was successfully deployed from a C-17 transport aircraft but the target’s rocket motor did not ignite. The THAAD interceptor missile was not launched; however, the system’s fire control system conducted a number of successful simulations. All THAAD system components were verified to be in working order, and the system was ready to conduct the mission.

November 16, 2009

Missile Defense Agency Successfully Completes

Ground Test to Improve Theater/Regional Defense Capability

The Missile Defense Agency  recently completed a successful Hardware-in-the-Loop theater-level ground test, conducted to integrate new capabilities into the Ballistic Missile Defense System  architecture. This test, identified as the Fast Contingency Analysis and Activation Team East Test Event, is the third in a series of FCE Ground Tests focused on theater/regional defense capabilities.

The test was conducted during the week of October 19–23, 2009, from the MDA BMDS Ground Test Center located at the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center  in Colorado Springs, Colo. The test used the MDA Missile Defense System Exerciser to connect and control BMDS HWIL laboratories located across the United States to emulate the functionality resident in participating BMDS systems.

The HWIL labs participating in the event included the Command, Control, Battle Management and Communications  Lab, Colorado Springs; Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Lab, Moorestown, N. J; Space-Based Infrared System  Lab, Azusa, Calif.; AN/TPY-2 X-band Radar Lab, Woburn, Mass.; the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense  Lab, Huntsville, Ala.; the U.S.–Arrow Israeli Test Bed, Huntsville; and the Tactical Communications Environment Segment, San Diego, Calif.. Operational Community participants included the BMDS Operational Test Agency.

Ground tests play a vital role in the development of new technologies for missile defense by providing program officials detailed information about emerging hardware and software system functionality, while reducing the cost and schedule demands that would be required to provide the same information through an extensive flight test program. These efforts enable actual flight test data to be reconstructed and injected into geographically distributed HWIL representations of BMDS sensors and weapon systems. They also support development and validation of BMDS simulations for component weapon and sensor performance, communications, and interoperability, as well as threat and environment simulations. In this test, FCE-C HWIL provided a demonstration of the ability to conduct a system-level, theater-centric defense of critical assets.

Top Three Reasons To Pick

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1.) As i said has  an awesome pricing and shipping rate. Since the store is located in California there is a sales tax but i have gotten used to that. the store is very convenient for me because is located in Los Angeles  and the shipping takes five days if order on a monday morning. the item will come somewhere around friday afternoon, although the shipment is pretty fast no matter where you live. comparing the prices form to evike has about a 15 dollars less average than, this could be a big difference if u were to buy a lot of items and you have a shorter budget than usual with the economy today.

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If you go with you wont be disapointed with anything because they want to make all there costumers happy like all. so next time you are thinking about purchasing a item think

US Military is Deciding Which Vehicle to Pick

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The U.S. Department of Defense  announced today it has selected Oshkosh Corporation to supply MRAP All Terrain Vehicles – M-ATV-  for its fighting forces. Oshkosh has received an initial delivery order from the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) for 2,244 M-ATVs valued at $1.05 billion, following months of government testing on multiple production-ready vehicles.

this is the next generation Vehicle for our US Military. The Obama administration has put in a need for the M-ATV because of the change of the topography and infrastructure of Iraq to Afghanistan. Afghanistan compared to Iraq does not have as much roads so they need a vehicle that is capable of going off-road and giving the troops the most satisfaction and protection. Afghanistan is mostly desert and rocks so they have been testing the M-ATV in the deserts of Nevada.

Surprisingly these vehicles are no that expensive compared to other military vehicles in the past. The M-ATV has a cost of five-hundred thousand to six-hundred thousand dollars. If this vehicle is chosen for the military, Oshkosh could have to produce up to five thousand vehicles, maybe even ten thousand. Although that is no problem for Oshkosh because they can produce these monsters in less than two months will all safety procedures and protective armor, you name something they will all ready have it done. 

Conduct protected, high-speed response and security missions with a totally new vehicle capability: The SandCat protected multi-role vehicle. This high-speed, highly protected, highly maneuverable vehicle can be specifically configured to fulfill a variety of roles in any type of mission: military, homeland defense, global war on terror, law enforcement and security, special operations, disaster aid and peace-keeping missions.  Not just used in the military, the Sandcat is used for swat and police mostly, but soon will be helping our soldiers in Iraq. It is tailored to meet your operational environment, so you’ll get the perfect balance of mission performance, protection and payload to meet your rigorous demands. Because the SandCat vehicle concept uses a commercial chassis and kitted hull, it is manufactured rapidly and efficiently, so you can have it quickly.

“We have a list of countries that are interested in this type of vehicle. The rapid equipping force [U.S. Army] has indicated an interest, the Israeli Defense Forces and a myriad of smaller countries throughout Europe,” said Steven Zink, vice president of Oshkosh Defense.

Able to reach speeds of at least 90 miles per hour, the SANDCAT is designed to meet the need for a fast, lightweight, yet survivable vehicle.

“The Humvee has been a great vehicle for the U.S. Army, but it is in an environment right now that is wasn’t originally intended for. With asymmetric warfare, they [enemies] are coming at them from all sides.

The SANDCAT is basically a Ford 550 chassis. We want to make sure we leverage some commercial high value production while still maintaining military performance,” said Zink.

Although designed for speed, off-road mobility, reconnaissance, medevac and a host of light-strike missions, the SANDCAT is engineered for survivability.

“One of the real advantages of the vehicle is that the armor protection is designed within the vehicle so we took the chassis and built the armor around it. So it is integrated into the vehicle. There is a market for a light utility vehicle that has armor on it,” said Joaquin Salas, Oshkosh marketing manager.

My life

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My name is Sam and i live in california. I have grown up my whole life playing baseball and loving my country.  Around third grade i started to collect airsoft guns and other accessories, ever since ive been collecting guns and grenades and such and always check when new stuff comes out. I will post things from different websites and what is better than others. i will also post things on the US military and our soldiers. keep in tune.